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18 June 2015 @ 10:09 pm
Each team has their own post to play in. Feel free to go nosy at the other teams :)

So it begins like this: someone posts a normal question
e.g. - Why does Richard always LEAP into battle?

You want to answer with a reason that is not the scientific/true reason but a reason that is silly/amusing/fanciful (hence the erroneous or wrong part of the title). Then it's your turn to ask a question and get a silly answer.

So you would answer: Because his boots have springs in the heels.

Here's the trick to the game though. When you reply I want you to hit reply to post not reply to comment. Why? So we don't have threads going off into the nether and everyone has to keep clicking on the title to read.

So it will go like this
Post 1: Question 1 here

Post 2: Answer to Question 1
Question 2 here

Post 3: Answer to Question 2
Question 3 here

et cetera, et cetera... Not that you all aren't allowed to simply respond to someone and says "That answer was awesome!".

If 2 people post answers at the same time to the same question the next person to go gets to decide which of the new simultaneously posted questions to respond to.


Feel free to chat on any comment you like - I will only be counting NEW comments (q&a).

Tuesday 30th June
31 March 2015 @ 08:23 pm
- Make all icons at the time the picture is posted (no old ones).
- Icons must be LJ standard 100x100 px blah blah blah.
- Always post the next screen capture with the last ones icon.
- You cannot make an icon from an image you have posted.
- If two are posted at the same time, the first reply is the one you use.
- Any screen capture or promotion/publication is allowed.
- Textures, colourings, text etc are allowed.
- Animations are not allowed.
- It doesn’t have to be pretty, it can be just a crop and post.
- Comments are unscreened.

Quick How To…
Step One: CLAIM THE ICON - reply to the picture to claim the picture.
Step Two: Create icon from picture.
Step Three: Create a NEW COMMENT and post the icon and the next image.

05 September 2014 @ 09:12 pm
Deadline: 19 September @ 9pm GMT (Countdown)

In your team community there will be a post that starts off the challenge, I will post a request for something that I'd like to see. The next person to come along will post a reply to my comment with that somtehing in it and then posts a fresh comment asking for something they want. Its the same as Pass it on Icons where I would post a picture and someone replies with an icon made from that picture and a new picture for the next person. Only in this case, you can reply with a screen capture, a fic rec or something you've made.

For example:
Player1 wants "Ricahrd's Abz"
Player2 replies with a link: "http://i515.photobucket.com/albums/t354/natashaKR2/LotS/makingofalegend1101081017mkv_000128.jpg" (or the picture)
Player 2 then posts a new comment with their request: "Kahlan's Hair" and the next person replies and so on.

New Requests MUST be in new comments.

To help with the pass it on and avoid multiple posts for new things at once. Post your request before replying to the previous one. That way, everyone knows you are replying to the last request (also gives you time to make things).

See original post for more information.

Pregnant Kahlan
05 June 2013 @ 09:52 am
Your animated icon is due tonight (roughly 12 hours from now)

If you've never made one before, here's a quick tutorial for you.... cos I just learned it myself :)

1. Download, unzip and run Virtual Dub
Download here: http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/
unzip it and run "Veedub64.exe"

2. File, Open, Open video file.

3. Scroll through and find the scene.
You can use the seek bar along the bottom to find the scene, and use your mouse wheel or direction keys to find your start point.

4. Click the arrows to set start and finish points

Use the left arrow to set your start point and then move to the end of the bit you want and click the right - Keep it short, really short, or you'll end up with too big a file.

5. Save
Go to File - Export - Animated Gif and click Save.

6. Crop and resize - you can try and figure out how to do this in Photoshop or Animation Shop if you like, but I haven't a clue. I found a handy website - EZGif - http://ezgif.com/crop
a) Upload your image there
b) use the crop to crop (make sure you set the width and height the same or you wont get a square icon).
c) use the resize tool to make it 100x100px
d) use the optimize tool (just use the settings there) and save the icon that's under 40kb

All done -upload and post :)
18 March 2012 @ 05:36 pm
You have until 30th March to make as many icons as you can!

Here's how it works:
1. I will post the starting picture in your team comm.
2. One person claims the image by replying to the comment
3. That person then makes an icon, either just crop or a little fancy (but as quick as possible)
4. They post their icon and a link to the next image.
5. Someone else claims that image and repeats from step 3.

First image is in the first comment.
17 February 2012 @ 02:19 pm
We did it Confessors! I was worried we wouldn't for awhile but we pulled it off!

Under the cut you'll find our completed manuscript.  The theme of tales told to young Confessors when they are growing up to help shape them into who they are.  Images are thumbnails.  Click to view the pages in their full glory and read the wonderful stories.
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30 November 2011 @ 10:29 am

Click for full sized images
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27 October 2011 @ 04:54 pm
Hey Confessors!

Beneath the cut are the lovely headers made by your team members. Please comment with your vote for ONE header. Please make sure you do... we get points for participation and the winning header will be used on the community. :)

The images below are thumbnails.  Make sure you click on them to see the full sized header.

Comment with the number of your favorite header before Thursday November 3rd at 9pm CST

Comments are screened.  Post questions in the questions thread

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