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Welcome to Team Confessors at legendland!
legendland is an interactive community about Legend of the Seeker with games,
writing contests, and graphics contests. Your mods are confessorlove and individual_68 please feel free to PM either one of us if you have any questions. After all, that's what we are here for; to help you!

Links of Importance
Rules and Expectations for the 11th Battle!
Once you've joined, don't forget to Introduce Yourself!!
Need help? Find what you need here at our Resources Post!
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To be a good member of Team Confessors and not a slacker you're going to need at least three and a half hours a week to dedicate to this community. You will need 45 minutes for writing fics, an hour for art, 30 minutes for the games, 45 minutes for fic voting and 30 for art voting. I know it can take more time to do all of these things, especially if you get into what you're creating, but ideally this is how long it should take to do most of these things. Now I know all of us have work and school and family responsibilities and social responsibilities and whatever else, but no one is forcing you to sign up for it; if you choose to join, you do that on your own. If you joined a sports team in your area and they had practices and games, you would show up for the practices and games. You wouldn't not show up or if you did it wouldn't be on a consistent basis or you'd get kicked from the team. We have the same rules here and expect you to follow them.

With regards to the people who don't make art or who don't write fic - this is a challenge community. We are challenging you to get out of your comfort zone and do things you might not ordinarily do. That's the whole point of it! There are lots of people who never made fanart before they joined this comm, and while they may not be experts or fantastic at it and probably never will be they started doing it for the team and they've actually started enjoying it. I know there are people who write fic for the challenges who don't consider themselves writers but they're trying and actually enjoying that as well. So the point of this comm is not showing off if you're the best, it's to step up to the challenge and try something new. It's a reason to spend three and a half hours a week thinking about Legend of the Seeker which you apparently thought was really neat because you want to sign up for it right? :)


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